Zagreb, I really like you 🙂

Zagreb, the new star on Europe’s tourist map, is the center of Croatia’s business, cultural, and political life. It represents a charming blend of a city that is rich with a long and exciting history and a modern mid-European spirit. Zagreb’s history reflects itself in its infrastructure and monuments as well as in numerous parks and through cultural events. Its history forms a foundation that explains its urban lifestyle.

Zagreb’s tourist offering is abundant, including 19 theatres, 24 museums and 65 galleries. Its offering ranges from exploring sights in the old part of town, the must-see trip to Kaptol, the Zagreb cathedral, and the famous Ban Jelačić square. Apart from the sights in the city center, Zagreb has an exciting night life and an abundance of terraces for coffee lovers as well as superior shopping.

Flagship stores of world renown brands are nested around the downtown area of Ban Jelačić Square as well as in larger shopping centers located around the city.